Exploring Drones: More than a Toy

When we think of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the first thing that usually comes to mind is the weapon of war or the little cheap toy that gets stuck on the roof or in the bushes. This course is designed to expand that image and help learners see drones and drone technology from a more complete perspective. Students taking this course will explore the history and timeline of UAVs, the science and different models currently in use, and the plethora of ways they are being used in different careers other than the military. Exploring Drones is a two unit course designed for 4-5th grade students.

Become a Drone Pilot: an Introduction to UAS

This course is designed to help students learn about drones and how they can be both fun and educational. One of the priorities of this course is that students will earn their FAA Recreational Pilot’s Certificate also known as the TRUST certificate on day 5 of the course. We hope you enjoy this course and ultimately go on to earn your FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot’s license. It is a 10 module (10 day) mini course.

 Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Always wanted to explore the sky at incredible heights? This High School level course will teach you all you need to know to become a UAS pilot! You will learn about aerodynamics, regulations governing flight, aviation weather, navigation, and the piloting skills required to be a proficient aviator. These skills can help you become a pilot using drones for various commercial or recreational uses. Take to the skies with us and learn what it takes to become an sUAS pilot! 

 Introduction to Aerial Photography

Want to take your photography and videography skills to new heights? This course will teach you all you need to know to become an aerial photographer using Unmanned Aircraft Systems! You will learn about UAS operation basics, piloting skills, FAA regulations, photography skills, videography techniques, editing systems, and all you need to become a commercial aerial photographer. The tools you will learn in this course will help you become proficient and professional in your aerial photography endeavors. Explore a new photography mode with us and learn what it takes to become an aerial photographer! 

Forces of Flight

Have you always been fascinated with the science behind flight? This course will teach you about the natural forces that impact aircraft flight. You will learn about topics such as Bernoulli’s Principle, aerodynamic stability, center of gravity, axes of rotation, and the four main forces of flight! 

Drones in Emergency & Military service 

Are you interested in how drones are used within emergency and military operations? This course will delve into the most common uses of drones within multiple branches of the United States military. It will also discuss how first responders utilize drone technology within firefighting, emergency medical services, and law enforcement operations.

Drone Safety

Safety should always be the primary goal of any pilot, regardless of the aircraft type. This course will help instill safe flight operating procedures while equipping remote pilots with tools to help mitigate risk in their drone flight endeavors. This course will provide excellent checklist resources for pilots, such as the IM SAFE and 3p’s checklists. You will also learn how to properly pre-flight your aircraft to ensure airworthiness before take-off! Increase your safe flight practices with the drone safety course! 


Drones in Construction & Transportation 

Are you interested in how drones are used in construction and transportation? This dynamic
course explores the predominant uses of unmanned aircraft systems within the professional
construction and transportation industries. It highlights the many ways drones have changed
construction and transportation daily operations and how future drone technologies will continue
revolutionizing industries.

Introduction to Aviation & Aerospace 

Love the sky? Love flying? Aerospace workers have the skills and knowledge to pilot and fly the skies or to solve technological problems with a deep understanding of the impact of aerospace technologies on our everyday lives.